How will the Belt and Road Initiative advance China’s interests?

Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted the leaders of 28 countries and representatives from several other countries at the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing on May 14-15, 2017. Announced in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (also known as One Belt, One Road or OBOR) aims to strengthen China’s connectivity with the world. It combines [...]

China’s Power: Up for Debate

The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. To help make sense of the issue, ChinaPower hosted its inaugural conference on November 29, 2016. The conference featured a series of debates between leading experts on the nature of Chinese power. The audience was polled for their opinion both before and after each [...]

Does China dominate global investment?

Overseas investment offers China an opportunity to not just bolster its own economy, but also to leverage its economic strength to increase its influence abroad. Driven in part by Beijing’s “Going Global” strategy that encourages investment in foreign markets, Chinese firms have actively expanded their overseas footprint in recent years and explored investment opportunities in a range [...]

How is China shaping the global economic order?

China’s economy is now the second largest in the world, with a nominal GDP over $10 trillion. That’s larger than Japan and Germany – the world’s third and fourth biggest economies - combined. In terms of purchasing power parity (PPP), which accounts for the comparative value of money in different countries, China already possesses the [...]

Is the Renminbi undervalued or overvalued?

For any state, the ability to influence the actions of other actors is an essential component of exercising power. In terms of monetary policy, states can leverage their economic strength to enhance their currency’s role within financial markets, international trade, and central-bank reserves. The greater role a country’s currency plays in these international arenas, the [...]

Is it a risk for America that China holds over $1 trillion in U.S. debt?

Many worry that China’s ownership of American debt affords the Chinese economic leverage over the United States. This apprehension, however, stems from a misunderstanding of sovereign debt and of how states derive power from their economic relations. The purchasing of sovereign debt by foreign countries is a normal transaction that helps maintain openness in the [...]

Is China the world’s top trader?

Over the past several decades, Chinese trade has expanded at a breakneck pace. Favorable domestic policies have helped channel government and foreign direct investment (FDI) into expanding China’s production capabilities. These developments coincided with technological advances, competitive shipping, and strong international demand for China, which has propelled its economy to become the second largest in the [...]

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