How Is China Influencing Global Maritime Connectivity?

Decades of economic growth and government prioritization have enabled China to position itself at the nexus of global maritime trade. Beijing is pushing to leverage the nation’s resources to further strengthen connectivity, with a key emphasis on enhancing port infrastructure.

How Developed Is China’s Arms Industry?

China is the world’s second largest arms producer, but the ability of its arms industry to domestically develop certain advanced weapon systems is still growing. If China can successfully strengthen its defense industry, it can reduce its reliance on foreign technologies and establish itself as a global leader in cutting-edge military capabilities.

How Globally Competitive Are China’s Cities?

“Global cities” serve as critical nodes within the international economy. As China has rapidly developed in recent decades, historically prominent Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have grown in international influence, and new global cities like Shenzhen have emerged as key players in global commerce.

How Are Foreign Rail Construction Projects Advancing China’s Interests?

China’s support for rail infrastructure development across the globe provides a unique opportunity for Beijing to drive regional connectivity and reap the resulting economic and political benefits. Much of this effort is linked to the Belt and Road Initiative, a flagship effort aimed at positioning China at the center of global trade and commerce.

China’s Power: Up for Debate 2020

The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. China Power will host its fifth annual conference as a series of five live debates, featuring leading experts from both China and the U.S. to debate core issues underpinning the development of Chinese power.

China Poverty

Is China Succeeding at Eradicating Poverty?

The Chinese Communist Party set an unprecedented goal to eradicate poverty in China by the end of 2020. While Chinese President Xi Jinping officially declared a “major victory” over poverty in December 2020, hundreds of millions of people in China continue to struggle with low incomes and poor standards of living.

Chinese Conventional Missiles

How Are China’s Land-based Conventional Missile Forces Evolving?

As part of sweeping efforts to modernize the People’s Liberation Army, China has developed the world’s largest and most diverse arsenal of land-based conventional missiles. Learn how China’s missile forces are evolving and how they are affecting the Indo-Pacific security landscape in our exclusive feature.