Does China Face a Looming Debt Crisis?

After decades of near double-digit growth, Chinese leaders have turned to using turbo-charged stimulus financing to maintain moderate growth. However, China’s credit expansion has contributed to growing financial vulnerabilities. Learn more about China’s debt concerns with this ChinaPower exclusive.

Strait of Malacca

How Much Trade Transits the South China Sea?

As a vital artery of trade for many of the world’s largest economies, the South China Sea has garnered significant attention. Reports on the South China Sea frequently misrepresent the value of trade that annually transits the waterway. Learn more about trade flows in the region with this ChinaPower exclusive.

How Does China’s First Aircraft Carrier Stack Up?

The entry of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, attracts considerable attention from both the press and military observers around the world. It represents China’s global power for some, and a significant step towards a more assertive Chinese navy for others.

How Well-off is China’s Middle Class?

China’s economic development has lifted hundreds of millions of Chinese out of poverty and led to a burgeoning middle-class. Yet, this demographic shift has also led to new environmental, political, and social challenges to China’s domestic security.