Is China Ready for Intelligent Automation?

The automation of processes and procedures with cutting-edge technologies, such as advanced robotics and artificial intelligence, has the potential to fundamentally change the global economy. As China looks to sustain economic growth, how it harnesses automation will be crucial to its long-term economic competitiveness.

How is Commercial Aviation Propelling China’s Economic Development?

China’s economic modernization has created ripe conditions for commercial aviation to blossom. The industry’s emergence has not only enabled individuals to travel and exchange ideas, but it has likewise connected businesses and economies. How China manages this growing industry may prove critical in Beijing’s push to upgrade the economy.


Is China at the Forefront of Drone Technology?

Amid its ongoing economic development and military modernization, China has emerged as one of a handful of global leaders in the development of unmanned systems. As China continues to advance its UAV technology, it is poised to play a dominant role in shaping industry trends.

Manufacturing is critical to China's competitiveness

How Competitive is China’s Economy on the Global Stage?

The prosperity of any economy relies on a variety of factors that drive productivity. One way of measuring these elements is by examining competitiveness. This feature uses data from the World Economic Forum to assess China’s competitiveness in terms of the institutions, policies, and other components that support its economic output.

Is China a Global Leader in Research and Development?

R&D is the backbone of innovation. It supports the development of new scientific methods, technologies, and commercial goods – all of which can boost economic productivity and raise living standards. After decades of export-led growth, China is increasingly turning to innovation as a driver for its economy.