How Does Education in China Compare with Other Countries?

China is seeking to improve educational quality and increase access across the country. A well-educated Chinese workforce can bolster China’s technological and scientific development and thus strengthen the country’s position in an increasingly innovation-based global economy.

Is China a Developed Country?

China’s growing global influence, economic growth and social development suggest that to some it might be considered a developed country. Yet, certain economic indicators demonstrate China is still in the process of developing.

Does China have an aging problem?

Significant demographic shifts present two social challenges for China: a reduced Chinese working force supporting its widespread industrial bases, and new social issues pertaining to its pronounced gender imbalance and insufficient senior care.

Is Air Quality in China a Social Problem?

Air-quality concerns affect China both at home and abroad. Domestic demands on environmental protections have influenced the government’s social and economic policies, while hazardous air pollution has harmed the country’s international image.