What is the source of China’s international prestige and influence?

Countries with high levels of prestige can attract other states to support their foreign policy goals. Conversely, states with a negative global image struggle to cultivate international support. Prestige is thus a source of state power, a conduit through which states with high levels of prestige can convert resources into policy outcomes. In order to [...]

Is China contributing to the United Nations’ mission?

In recent decades, China’s support for the United Nations has grown considerably. China is now the third-largest contributor to the United Nations’ regular budget, the second-largest contributor to the peacekeeping budget, and has committed over 3,000 personnel to UN peacekeeping operations. Multilateral organizations like the United Nations foster cooperation between countries, and can facilitate diplomatic [...]

Is China’s soft power strategy working?

Countries that can successfully leverage their national power are able to affect the behavior of other political actors. This can be accomplished through traditional “hard” power measures, such as threats or coercion, or through “soft” power, which enables countries to persuade or attract others to support their interests. A country’s soft power is heavily dependent [...]

How are global views on China trending?

Perceptions play an indelible role in international politics. Politicians must perceive and anticipate both threats and opportunities. Public opinion can sway the tide of politics. As countries grow increasingly interconnected on the global stage, it is necessary to consider how countries like China are perceived and the implications on China’s global influence. Public-opinion polling provides a [...]

Is China attracting foreign visitors?

Power is traditionally discussed in terms of affecting outcomes within the international system through either threats or coercion. Equally important is how countries leverage their international image to persuade others to support their interests. As such, it is crucial to assess the global appeal of China and how the Chinese government seeks to cultivate its [...]

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