China’s Civilian Space Program: A Conversation with Alanna Krolikowski

In this episode, Dr. Alanna Krolikowski joins us to discuss China’s civilian and commercial space efforts in recent years. Dr. Krolikowski analyzes the achievements of China’s private space companies, such as the first Chinese private satellite launch, and the possible economic benefits that can be derived from space activities. She also examines the relationship between the government, state-owned enterprises, and private companies in China’s space industry, and how recent changes to government policy will impact China’s broader push into space.

China’s Military Ambitions in Space: A Conversation with Todd Harrison and Kaitlyn Johnson

In this episode, Todd Harrison and Kaitlyn Johnson join us to discuss China’s military capabilities and ambitions in space. They discuss China’s military space doctrine and achievements over the last two decades, especially focusing on its counterspace weapon systems. They also address the Wolf Amendment, which forbids NASA and the China National Space Administration from any bilateral cooperation, and how it will affect future US-China cooperation in space.


How is China Advancing its Space Launch Capabilities?

Conducting activities in space embodies the pinnacle of technological achievement. Only a handful of countries have the capability to indigenously launch payloads into space. China sits among this elite group, but closing the technology gap with more-advanced space powers will require China to make significant headway.