The ChinaPower Podcast dissects critical issues underpinning China’s emergence as a global power. By bringing together the leading experts on China and international politics, the series offers our listeners critical insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise. These extended discussions are hosted by Bonnie S. Glaser, senior adviser for Asia and the director of the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Ms. Glaser is concomitantly a non-resident fellow with the Lowy Institute in Sydney and a senior associate with Pacific Forum.

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Bonnie S. Glaser
Bonnie S. Glaser

China’s South China Sea Strategy: A Conversation with Bill Hayton

In this episode, Bill Hayton joins ChinaPower to discuss China’s activities and strategy in the South China Sea. He unpacks the history of all the parties’ sovereignty claims and the drivers of heightened tensions between China and other countries in the region, and explains the challenges Beijing faces in enforcing its extensive maritime claims.

Unpacking US-China Trade Relations: A Conversation with Dan Rosen

In this episode, Dan Rosen joins us to discuss the US and Chinese positions on the bilateral trade relationship. We unpack both sides’ demands, including Chinese requests for the US to lift restrictions on high-technology transfer and support market economic status for China, and US requests for China to end forced technology transfer and provide subsidies to Chinese companies. Mr. Rosen describes what a potential deal could look like.

Growing Friction in US-China Relations: A Conversation with Da Wei

In this episode, Professor Da Wei joins us to discuss the increasingly contentious relationship between the United States and China. He presents both Chinese and American perspectives on US-China relations, and analyzes the reasons that bilateral ties have become increasingly competitive. Professor Da also forecasts where US-China relations may head in the future.

Chinese Investments in the US Face Growing Scrutiny: A Conversation with Mario Mancuso

In this episode, Mario Mancuso joins us to discuss the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States(CFIUS) and its role in reviewing potential Chinese investments in the United States. He explains the proposed changes under consideration in the US Congress that would expand CFIUS’ authority. Mancuso also examines the implications of stricter oversight for future China’s investment activities in the United States.