ChinaPower Chinese Covid-19 Diplomacy Index (CCDI)

To holistically assess the scope and impact of China’s activities during the Covid-19 pandemic, the ChinaPower team collected thousands of data points to construct the Chinese Covid-19 Diplomacy Index (CCDI). Higher CCDI scores indicate greater Chinese influence through Covid-19 diplomacy.

The overall CCDI score is based on scores within two sub-indices: the Medial Diplomacy Index and the Vaccine Diplomacy Index. Each sub-index is composed of two main pillars: Engagement and Response. The Engagement pillar assesses whether, and to what extent, China engaged a given country in terms of supplying either medical aid or vaccines. The Response pillar assesses whether, and to what extent, a recipient country’s government responded to Chinese engagement.

As of September 7, 2021, China has finalized agreements to export more than 1.1 billion Chinese-developed vaccines. View

In 2020, about 43 percent of global imports of personal protective equipment (PPE) came from China—up from 21 percent in 2019. View

In 84 countries, government officials of varying seniority participated in handover ceremonies to show gratitude for deliveries of Chinese vaccines. View