Is China a Leader in Quantum Technologies?

China is investing heavily in cutting-edge quantum technologies, which exploit properties of quantum mechanics to enable breakthroughs in sensing, communication, and computing. This ChinaPower feature breaks down the complexities of quantum technologies and analyzes China’s progress relative to other countries.


China’s Quantum Technology Development: A Conversation with Edward Parker

In this episode of the ChinaPower Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Edward Parker to discuss China’s advancement in quantum technologies. Dr. Parker explains that China is emerging as a leader in quantum technology and has underscored it as a “strategic priority.” Dr. Parker also reveals that China is heavily invested in quantum communications, whereas the U.S. is more focused on quantum computing and quantum sensing. In the context of U.S.-China competition going forward, Dr. Parker notes that broad export controls on quantum technologies run a risk of slowing down scientific progress.