Analyzing China’s Commitment to Climate Change: A Conversation with Joanna Lewis

In this episode of the ChinaPower Podcast, Dr. Joanna Lewis joins us to discuss China’s commitment to addressing climate change. Dr. Lewis provides an overview of major domestic and international policies that China has implemented to combat climate change, including its dual-carbon goals, newly launched emissions trading scheme, and commitment to end new coal-fired financing abroad. Dr. Lewis also assesses China’s role in the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow and discusses how China’s performance impacted international progress in combating climate change and China’s desire to be seen as a global leader on climate issues. Lastly, Dr. Lewis highlights the new joint working group between the U.S. and China as an important step in making meaningful progress on climate change during an era of strategic competition between the two countries.

China’s Commitments to Fighting Climate Change: A Conversation with David Sandalow

In this episode, Mr. David Sandalow joins us to discuss China’s role in the global climate change agenda. Mr. Sandalow argues that Xi’s commitment in his speech to the UN General Assembly for China to become carbon-neutral by 2060 is an opportunity for China to present itself as a global leader on climate change policy. Mr. Sandalow also evaluates the progress China has made since signing the Paris Accords, how technological innovation will help China achieve its climate goals, and the potential impact of a Trump re-election or a Biden presidency on US-China cooperation to address climate change.

Carbon, Climate, and China: A Conversation with Barbara Finamore

In this episode, Barbara Finamore joins us to discuss China’s policies toward climate change, its efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and the implications for both the country’s energy markets and the global community. Ms. Finamore examines Beijing’s progress on meeting its emissions reduction targets and how its domestic climate change policies have changed over time. She also explains China’s growing use of clean energy technology through investments in new-energy vehicles, solar energy, and wind power.

How is China Managing its Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

As the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, China faces domestic and international pressure to address environmental concerns while maintaining economic growth. How China manages this challenge affects its ability to emerge as a leader in both sustainable development and the broader fight against climate change.