China’s Power: Up for Debate 2019

China’s Power: Up for Debate 2019
China’s Power: Up for Debate 2019
China’s Power: Up for Debate 2019 Top

    The challenges and opportunities presented by China’s rise are hotly contested. ChinaPower hosted its fourth annual conference on December 4, 2019, featuring leading experts from both China and the U.S. to debate core issues underpinning the nature of Chinese power. The audience was polled for their opinion both before and after each debate. Polling results, debate descriptions, and conference videos are posted below.

    Morning Keynote

    Senator David Perdue

    Read the transcript of Senator Perdue’s keynote.

    Proposition 1

    FOR: James Fanell
    (Former Director of Intelligence and Information Operations, U.S. Pacific Fleet)
    Fellow, Geneva Centre for Security Policy

    AGAINST: Timothy R. Heath
    Senior International Defense Researcher
    RAND Corporation

    Watch the debate.

    Proposition 2

    FOR: Elizabeth Economy
    C. V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations
    Visiting Distinguished Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University

    AGAINST: Wang Huiyao
    Founder and President
    Center for China and Globalization

    Watch the debate.

    Proposition 3

    FOR: Naomi Wilson
    Senior Director of Policy, Asia
    Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

    AGAINST: Joy Dantong Ma
    Data Scientist
    Home Partners of America

    Watch the debate.

    Proposition 4

    FOR: Christopher Balding
    Associate Professor
    Fulbright University Vietnam

    AGAINST: Yi Xiong
    Economist, China
    Deutsche Bank

    Watch the debate.

    Proposition 5

    FOR: Jude Blanchette
    Freeman Chair in China Studies
    Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS)

    AGAINST: Joseph Fewsmith
    Professor of International Relations and Political Science
    Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University

    Watch the debate.

    Afternoon Keynote

    Assistant Secretary David R. Stilwell
    Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
    U.S. Department of State

    Assistant Secretary Stilwell’s keynote was postponed to December 12, 2019. You can watch his speech U.S.-China Bilateral Relations: The Lessons of History” or read the transcript.

    Photo Credit: Fu Tian/China News Service/VCG via Getty Images

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