Tracking China’s Third Aircraft Carrier

China is making steady progress in constructing what is believed to be its third aircraft carrier. Commercial satellite imagery collected on August 18, 2020, shows significant developments in the construction of the vessel and additional improvements to the infrastructure at Jiangnan Shipyard.

Analysis of Jiangnan Shipyard

Since opening, Jiangnan has continuously engaged in the construction, maintenance, and modification of a wide range of commercial and People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) vessels. Analysis conducted by CSIS of satellite imagery from 2011 and 2018 illustrates the degree to which the shipyard’s infrastructure has developed during the intervening seven years.

How is China Modernizing its Navy?

Beijing is undertaking sweeping efforts to modernize its navy. Between 2017 and 2019, China reportedly built more naval vessels than India, Japan, Australia, France, and the United Kingdom combined. Learn more about China’s naval modernization progress in this ChinaPower feature.

What Does China Really Spend on its Military?

China’s military budget provides insight into its expanding military capabilities. In terms of gauging relative military strength, defense budgets can be compared between countries and over a set period of time to assess overall trends.


Is China at the Forefront of Drone Technology?

Amid its ongoing economic development and military modernization, China has emerged as one of a handful of global leaders in the development of unmanned systems. As China continues to advance its UAV technology, it is poised to play a dominant role in shaping industry trends.

China's J10B on display.

How Dominant is China in the Global Arms Trade?

Decades of economic growth coupled with its ongoing military modernization have enabled China to emerge as a major player in the global arms trade. Between 2008 and 2017, China exported some $14.4 billion worth of conventional weapons across the globe, making it the 5th largest arms supplier in the world.