What’s driving China’s race to build a space station?

The advantages of developing space capabilities are manifold.  Satellites facilitate military and civilian communications. Human spaceflight garners international prestige, while also providing opportunities for cutting-edge research. Experiments conducted in space have resulted in numerous breakthroughs that have been used to address medical, environmental, and technological challenges back on Earth. China seeks to enhance its capacity [...]

Will China ever be on the cutting edge of global innovation?

Innovation is a critical component of a national power. Countries that develop new products or methods of production are able to generate wealth by producing desirable goods. This creative process often entails the development of new technology, which in turn can form the foundation of further innovation. New technology can also contribute to social well-being, [...]

How is China’s energy footprint changing?

Power can be derived from a country’s ability to leverage its resources toward economic and political gains. Conversely, dependency on foreign resources—such as energy—restricts policy options, thereby reducing the avenues through which a country can cultivate its national power. Sudden shifts in the energy market and overseas political instability may also diminish access to foreign [...]

Are patents indicative of Chinese innovation?

Innovation is a primary source of a national power. A country’s ability to develop new products or methods of production enables it to produce goods desired by others. In turn, innovation creates wealth, leads to new technology, and fosters further innovation through the development of derivative products. When measuring China’s growing international influence, it is essential [...]

How web-connected is China?

Power is often linked to military and economic strength, but technology is a critical component in the process of translating domestic resources into power. Countries must be able to effectively use technology to secure their national security objectives in the information age. The Internet represents one component of a modern nation’s complex communications network. This [...]

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